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Glaser Direct:  Turning Lists into Results


Build your business by sending advertising and product offers to your prospects.  Use email, postal or phone lists separately or combined in a multimedia promotion for more impact.

We provide a full range of services focused on getting your message to individual customers and targeted prospects.  If your plans include email, postal, phone promotion, lead generation, or package inserts we can help. 

We provide list availability to reach your best prospects within your target audience. 

All lists age, so use our experienced team to help you keep your list updated, clean and productive



Other services include: 
Package Inserts - Merchants often include non-competitive advertising offers in shipments of orders to buyers.  A benefit to the advertiser is  the package is being opened by a confirmed buyer, usually in pleasant anticipation of the merchandise or product ordered catching them in a positive buying mood.

Mail Prep -  For consumer and B2B postal and telemarketing lists we work with our vendors to merge incoming lists, remove duplicates between lists, and prepare the necessary USPS and/or Do Not Call requirements


" I have had the pleasure of working with GlaserDirect for several decades. They have made critical contributions to our marketing programs for over 30 years. These programs have included direct mail, e-marketing, package inserts, and monetizing our customer lists. Their team has been collaborative, professional, and responsive. It gives me great pleasure to be able to recomment them without reservation."


Chuck Newman, Founder
ReCellular, Inc.






To request more information about list rental programs, contact us at (630) 469-2075