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Email:  Business and Consumer List Rental

Planning a direct response email program to generate leads?  Your objective might be clear in your mind but you may not know how to get there.  Let our experienced team help.

Permission is the key if not using your house list.  We can help you accomplish your marketing objective and stay current with the laws in this area.  GlaserDirect can help you focus on your target, find specific email lists, qualify them, and detail the selection criteria to sharpen the prospects.  We will only recommend lists that are opt-in/opt-out, or permission based and meet all CAN SPAM requirements.  We will help you minimize duplicate messaging to prospects, which can be more difficult in email lists.

When your email marketing plan is finalized and your content in HTML or text format created we will arrange testing and upon your approval schedule a preferred deployment time and date.







To request more information about list rental programs, contact us at (630) 469-2075