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Glaser Direct:  Turning Lists into Results

Analytics and Marketing Research

“If we just knew the answer to the following question…”

How many times have you said this when developing a direct marketing strategy?

An important aspect of any lead generation marketing strategy is determining the effectiveness of the list program.  Whether you are considering a new program or evaluating your current list marketing strategy, the more information you have, the better chance of making the programs work and the higher the ROI.

Marketing Research Surveys take time and are costly.  Often the answer to success lies in your company’s own data.  Let GlaserDirect research results of past programs which have published results.  We can determine how to structure new programs based on past results of email, direct and telephone campaigns. 

Whether you are developing a new or established program, to determine whether your program is meeting your objectives, you need to continually measure results.   The benefits of measurement include:


  • Knowing whether the program is delivering response at an acceptable cost
  • Learning what your buyer looks like so you can find others with the same profile
  • Helping you decide future directions based on hard data


You can’t have too many answers to how your programs are producing and what factors affect your results.  The cost of investing in program measurement will pay for itself, the cost of not having enough data can often lead to incorrect go/no go decisions, or moving forward in the wrong direction.   Let us analyze your existing data or help you effectively code your present program so that results can be analyzed.






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